Grown from a small legal office established in the 1940's, our firm has become one of the largest law firms in northern New York.

     Our attorneys, paralegals and extensive support staff keep our clients well informed of all developments in the matters we are handling for them. Each lawyer and paralegal has concentrated in particular areas of law through years of formal training and practical experience. In many cases, clients are actually being represented by a team of legal professionals.

     If your problem concerns a particular area of law, a member of our firm with proficiency in that area can often recognize the solution more quickly and inexpensively than a lawyer without extensive experience in that particular area. We value open and frequent communication with our clients. Initially, we make every effort to establish a clear understanding as to the extent of the work we are authorized to do on any legal matter. We recommend a course of action and estimate the time, responsibility and expense involved. If unexpected developments arise which require greater time and expense than originally contemplated, we will discuss these developments and seek approval prior to providing unanticipated services.

     We are always available to answer questions that arise. Our firm provides legal services to our clients in a friendly, confidential, and efficient manner at competitive rates. We vigorously protect our clients' rights and provide suggestions for creative solutions to our clients' legal issues. We take great pride in maintaining our relationship with our existing clients and are interested in developing relationships with new clients in need of legal services. Our goal is to provide our clients with prompt service addressing their short-term and long-term concerns. Our clients expect us to provide legal advice in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.