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Labor Law

Labor law includes all aspects of employer-employee relationships. Our attorneys practicing in this area serve as general counsel to numerous private and public sector employers and on a referral basis for other clients and attorneys.

In representing our clients, our lawyers practicing in this area:

  • Negotiate collective bargaining agreements
  • Prepare contract provisions for those agreements
  • Participate in labor-management committees on behalf of employers and advise employer members of labor-management committees
  • Provide advice in preparation for anticipated strikes
  • Provide a full range of legal services concerning our clients’ responsibilities under various federal and state laws, especially to prevent violations We also represent our labor law clients in various litigated matters , including:
  • National Labor Relations Board and New York State Employment Public Relations Board matters
  • Arbitrations regarding employee grievances
  • All types of discrimination claims
  • Unemployment insurance claims
  • Strike and strike-related matters

Please feel free to contact any of our attorneys who engage in this practice.

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